Tech enthusiast

Hi, my name is Shafqat, and I have been building software applications from past 14 years, with passion for bleeding edge technologies, I worked on number of projects in verity of technologies related to web applications. I started my career as java developer, then switched to .NET and now focus of my carrier design and architecture medium to large scale systems involving verity of technology such as React, NodeJS, Golang and Rust.

I am at the stage of my career where technologies don't really matter anymore, I look at the problem in hand and design it in the best possible way and choose technologies best suited for the application. From the start of career until now I changed six companies in my career of about ten years now working with 7th one, I always ran behind my passion and been very successful.

Why I Started Blogging?

I worked on many software systems and applications over the past 14+ years of experience where I developed number of applications and solved verity of challenges which I want to share with you. The whole idea of writing this blog is to share my experiences with you how to tackle challenges and high pressure situation in tech industry. This blog is mainly focused on working with verity of technologies, tacking specific problems as well as to write about how to managed finances and invested money in different ways.